Wow! Over 300 views to my blog in the last three days and my busiest day to date on Sunday with 235 views in a single day. I am overwhelmed by and thankful for you for having taken the time to read my blog and send me your comments. If you haven’t yet done so, please subscribe. I don’t know how other bloggers feel, but I’m humbled by the attention that my silly little blog has garnered. I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me and look forward to sharing more in the days to come.

In my last entry I mentioned having delivered a quote to a client and awaiting a response. Today I heard back from the client and they had some questions about it. I have answered the questions, sent back my response and await the return response. Ok, so it’s not a whole lot of news, but I think it’s good that we’re clarifying our positions and that I haven’t received a no, simply based on my quote. I’m excited about the potential because this could be more than a one-off project. How cool would that be?

In other news, I’m going to be signing up for for one month. I’m putting the last of my spending money into this one month and diving into serious auditioning for jobs. I know the competition is fierce, full of very talented people, but I’m heading into it full of confidence and swagger. I’m looking to make some movement in February and I’m glad I have an outlet to share it with you.

Thanks again for reading my blog. I wish you a great day today and look forward to keeping you updated on my journey!

The Waiting Game . . .

I spoke to the client. Listened to what they wanted and what they were looking for in their project. I did some research. I determined my value. I drafted and produced a well thought out quote. I sent the quote to the client and now we wait.

I’m familiar with these proceedings as I used to frequently request quotes in a former professional life. It’s a little different being on this side but I’m confident that I presented a fair and competitive estimate for consideration. This could be the break I’ve been waiting for and I’m hoping to have some news soon.

In other news, I think I’ll finally start to produce something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. So, I’m off and I look forward to filling you in more in the coming days and weeks.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I really do appreciate it.

Happy New Year! . . . 28 days late

I haven’t posted since last year, this that and that and this came up and I just lost touch with blogging. I even put the voiceover thing on hold. Not on purpose, truthfully it had a lot to do with work, the holidays and eventually melancholy.

Slowly over the last few weeks I’ve gotten back in the saddle, with voiceover work that is. I’ve been doing morning announcements for my church and even had a great conversation earlier this week with a potential client. I’m excited about it because it could turn into quite a recurring client and get me well on my way. So here’s hoping.

At any rate, Happy New Year, I hope 2012 has gotten off to a great start for you and I look forward to sharing more about what this year holds for me and my voiceover venture. TTFN!


That’s the nickname a high school teacher would call me by whenever he saw me in pep band during a basketball game.  If you know anything about jazz music or great trumpeters, you know that nickname did not originate with me, and while I was a decent trumpet player in high school, I was no Louis Armstrong.

But what made Louis Armstrong great at playing the trumpet, coronet or even singing?  What made me a decent trumpet player?  What made Allen Iverson a great basketball player?  Yes, Mr. Iverson, we are indeed talking about practice!

Natural ability can only get you so far, but taking the time to practice a skill and learn new techniques is critical if you want to get better at something.  What’s that old saying?  “Practice makes perfect!”  I’m not sure that practice really does make perfect, but it certainly makes better.  I got better over the years playing trumpet because I spent time practicing.  I think the word practice just means doing again and again.  The more you do something, the more proficient at it you are likely to become.  Don’t get me wrong here.  Just because you practice something, doesn’t mean you’ll get better.  I can practice tap dancing all day long, but I’ll never get better at it because I have absolutely no idea how to tap dance.  With a teacher or instructions, that’s a different story.  It’s going to take some effort on my part to seek out, discover and engage in some study of the voiceover industry in order to become a voiceover artist.  I’ll then have to practice what I learn to become a better voiceover artist.

I’ve begun reading through the book, Voiceovers, Everything You Need To Know About How To Make Money With Your Voice, by Terri Apple.  It was recommended to me by several people on the professional social networking site Linkedin through some voiceover groups I belong to.  In it, she explains and exercise where you take a short, one sentence script and practice reading it out loud.  Not just practice reading it out loud, but writing down some adjectives for different moods and reading the same line in each different mood.  So, I did.  As suggested I also recorded each and played them back.  It gave me the chance to hear if what I was saying was actually in that particular mood.  It was fun, but it was practice.  Ultimately what it did was engage me to think about how I was reading the copy according to the mood or spec (if this were an actual script from a potential client).  I even took it in a slightly different direction and decided to take those adjectives I had written down, some of which, she provided to get me started, and read the actual adjective in the mood represented by the word.  For instance, I read the word sarcastic, in a sarcastic tone and the word dramatic, in a dramatic tone.  I actually found that when I read the adjective in the mood it described I was able to give that word meaning with the way I said it even better.  Then going back to the line of script, I’m better able to read that script in each particular emotion.

Now that I think of it, reading the same line in different moods is a lot like practicing my scales on the trumpet.  Today it was fun because it was new, but tomorrow it might not be as fun, but it certainly will be necessary.

Practice, practice, practice.  I’ll need to dedicate myself to it if I’m going to get better and be successful.  If you’d like to hear some of my practice session from today, check out this link to my Adjectives For Mood mp3.  And don’t be shy, let me know if you think I accomplished the correct mood with the associated word.

As always, thank you for your continued interest in my journey into the voiceover industry.  If you haven’t already, please subscribe to my blog via email to get each new entry as it comes out.  I wish you grace and peace wherever and whenever you are.

Taking Another Step

I’m so excited.  I just ordered a couple of voiceover books from Amazon.  The first one was recommended by someone in one of the Linkedin groups I belong to.  It’s called, Voiceovers: Everything You Need to Know About How to Make Money With Your Voice, by Terri Apple.  The other I found while browsing similar titles and Don LaFontaine is credited with the foreword.  This one is called, Voice for Hire: Launch and Maintain a Lucrative Career in Voice-Overs by Randy Thomas and Peter Rofe.  I figured that since his name was attached to the book, it must also be a good one.

I’m looking forward to getting them both and learning about the steps I’ve taken, the steps I’m taking and the steps I need to take to advance in my journey into the voiceover industry.

I’ve now been working with my church for about a month doing voiceover work for the pre-service video slide show.  I lend my voice to the information that appears on the slide and it serves as another reminder about what we have coming up at church.  It’s really great practice and an awesome way I can serve my church.  I hope to begin working on a podcast for our weekly study guides that coincide with the current sermon series and small groups.  I have yet to work on that, but as I think about it, I think I’m going to work up a demo on it right now.

Before I go, what steps have you taken to learn more about your craft?  For those specifically in VO, what books have you read, what classes have you taken and what other things have you done to get you were you are today?  Please share with me some of your own journey.

Well, that’s all for now.  I’m off to work on a new project.  Until next time, keep dreaming and keep musing!